Need to make a high quality puree system that requires only minimal training? Do you need to process not only tropicals and berries, but stone fruit as well? JBT FoodTech's READYGo PUREE just might be the perfect fit for you!

Part of the READYGo Family

Our READYGo series now includes READYGo PUREE, a skid-mounted solution that is designed to process up to 6 tons per hour of fruit.  A wide variety of fruit can be processed into puree by this system, including not only continental fruit but tropicals fruit as well.

The READYGo PUREE will accept raw fruit, and based on the type of fruit involved, will either destone or crush them.  The high quality puree delivered by the system can then be delivered for further processing.  Typical downstream processes include sterlization, pasteurization, freezing, or concentration.

By reducing the footprint requirements and simplifying utility connections when compared to traditional systems, the JBT FoodTech READYGo PUREE system helps reduce installation complexity and costs. 

Quick heating is achieved with JBT FoodTech's patented Dimple Tube heat exchanger for enhanced heating, residue-free draining after CIP, and consistent temperature control.

Fruit is first fed through the de-stoning machine which acts as a pulper or de-stoner according to the type of fruit being processed.  The product is then sent to the hammer mill in order to be processed into a fine pulp.  This fine pulp is collected in a 400 liter tank and then fed into a hot-break and holding tube for enzyme deactivation. 

From here, it is fed into an FTE-50 Turbo Finisher for extraction.  If processing temperature sensitive products, the hot-break can be bypassed in order to perform a cold extraction.  After extraction, the puree is collected in a tank and sent to downstream equipment such as an evaporator or Compact Monobloc.

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