Our Legacy

JBT Corporation has a long history of leadership in the industries we serve. Food industry machinery was the foundation of the original Bean Spray Pump Company founded by John Bean in the 1880s. The Bean Spray Pump technology was also at the foundation of our first airport product when a John Bean Spray Pump was adapted to become an aircraft deicer in the 1960s. The Bean Spray Pump Company is the foundation on which
FMC Corporation, FMC Technologies and now JBT Corporation
are built.

JBT FoodTech

  • In the early 1880 John Bean invents a continuous spray pump to battle scale in his almond orchards. Neighboring growers clamor for the innovative device and a new business is born. The company grows and at the beginning of 1900 David Crummey, John's son-in-law, incorporates the Bean Spray Pump Company and begins large-scale manufacturing.

  • During the 1920s, mergers add canning and fruit packaging businesses to the company’s portfolio. John Bean stock is introduced on the San Francisco Stock Exchange. John Bean Mfg. Company becomes Food Machinery Corporation, and citrus packing, fruit handling and treating companies are added.

  • In the 1930s, FMC's Al Thompson invents the mechanical peach pitter. Peerless Pumps, a West Coast manufacturer of deep-well turbine pumps is acquired. FMC becomes the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for handling fruits, vegetables, milk, fish and meat and is now the industry leader in turbine pump sales. Its pumps are used in water projects during the Great Depression.

  • With the acquisition of the Westvaco Chemical Corporation in 1948, FMC's name changes to Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation, to more accurately reflect the company's expansion into the chemical business.

  • In the post-war boom, FMC introduces continuous freezers, providing for assembly-line production of pre-packaged frozen foods, and makes strides in the sterilization of canned foods.

  • During the 1950s, FMC creates a citrus juicer that revolutionizes the citrus industry.

  • In 1961 the diverse global company changes its name to FMC Corporation and, in 1966, its sales top $1 billion. By the early 1970s, FMC has 42,000 employees and a new Chicago headquarters. Throughout the 1980s, 1990s and into the 21st century, the company pursues new businesses.

  • In 1970, corporate offices relocate to Chicago. The corporate trademark is created and launched.

  • In 1996, FMC purchases Frigoscandia Equipment, the industry leader in freezing technologies, thus solidifying its place as the leading Food Technologies provider.

  • In 2000, FMC purchases the North American leader in bakery freezing, Northfield Freezing Systems. FMC announces plans to restructure the company into two separate, publicly traded companies - a machinery business (FMC Technologies) and a chemicals business (FMC Corporation).

  • In 2001, FMC Technologies, Inc. begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange – ticker symbol: FTI. FMC Technologies becomes a totally separate independent company on December 31.

  • In 2008, John Bean Technologies (JBT Corporation) is founded and introduced on the New York Stock Exchange – ticker symbol: JBT. FMC FoodTech becomes JBT FoodTech, an integral part of the JBT Corporation.

JBT AeroTech

  • Evolving from work with the military and agriculture pressure spraying, FMC Corporation entered the aircraft support industry over 40 years ago.

  • In the early 1960s, in San Jose, California, FMC develops a cargo handling system for the new containerized generation of jet aircraft. The most successful product is the Flite-Line loader, used by 13 major airlines. Self-propelled and operated by one person, the system unloads a plane’s full cargo of containerized baggage in just 15 minutes.

  • Concurrent with development of the cargo loader, FMC develops a deicing system – a self-propelled vehicle that sprays a heated mixture of glycol and water onto the aircraft’s exterior surfaces. The Flite-Line Deicer can deice the largest jet liner in just 10 minutes.

  • By the mid 1970s, FMC’s Airline Equipment Division container and pallet loaders are used by 35 airlines throughout the world to speed freight- and baggage handling on wide-bodied jet aircraft.

  • In 1982, a purpose built facility in Orlando, Florida begins producing airline equipment products.

  • In 1985, FMC acquires its Airline Equipment division’s second dedicated manufacturing facility, in Madrid, Spain. The facility produces belt loaders, loaders, baggage tractors and carts.

  • In 1991, FMC acquires the well-established deicer manufacturer Trump, and the first 20 FMC Trump deicers roll off the Orlando production line.

  • In 1994, to enhance the range of equipment manufactured by the Airline Equipment division, Jetway Systems is acquired – based in Ogden, Utah. Jetway® is the original creator of Apron Drive Passenger Boarding Bridges, and the world’s leading manufacturer of bridges, solid state 400Hz inverters and fixed PCAir.

  • With our comprehensive range of manufactured products, and expertise in dedicated airline markets, our natural progression is to further improve after sales support, which leads to the establishment of our Airport Services business. Formed in 2000, Airport Services offers dedicated maintenance to Airlines and Airports, handling equipment and facilities maintenance, as well as offering airport planning and apron management systems.

  • In 2001, FMC Airport Systems re-enters the military market with the design and development of the Halvorsen loader, selected by the USAF to replace all its existing 25K cargo loaders.

  • In 2008, John Bean Technologies (JBT Corporation) is founded and introduced on the New York Stock Exchange – ticker symbol: JBT. FMC Airport Systems becomes JBT AeroTech, an integral part of the JBT Corporation. JBT AeroTech remains a world leader in the supply of airport equipment and services, focused on teaming up with customers to align products, research and development and after sales support to customers’ needs.

John Bean Technologies Corporation
(JBT Corporation) emerges

  • In 2000, FMC announces a plan to restructure into two companies: a machinery and equipment business (FMC Technologies), and a chemicals business (FMC Corporation).

  • In June 2001, FMC Technologies, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with an initial public offering of approximately 17 percent of its stock.

  • In autumn 2007, FMC Technologies decides to spin off FMC FoodTech and FMC Airport Systems, and focus solely on its energy businesses.

  • In early 2008, John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT Corporation) is formed, and becomes a publicly listed company on the New York Stock exchange on August 1, 2008.


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