Double D Revorackā„¢ Multi-Purpose Cooker

The Double D Revorack Multi-Purpose Cooker is an extremely versatile rotary rack, batch cooking system capable of processing a wide range of meat, fish, poultry vegetables and ready meals in a variety of cooking methods. The cooker can be custom-built and can cook in steam, roast or bake all in the same cooking chamber.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Rotating turntable and airflow system
    • Produces consistent cooking results and uniform color
  • Steam cook, dry heat, or steam and elevated temperature cooking
    • Provides the ultimate in processing flexibility for a wide range of products
    • Capable of elevated temperature up to 540° F (280°C)
  • Fully programmable, user friendly controller
    • Provides complete control over all processing parameters 
    • Stores up to 100 cooking programs
  • Customized SCADA PC-based system 
    • Records all cooking parameters for every cooking phase
    • Provides record of due diligence
    • Available with chart recorders, cabinet temperature and internal product temperature probes
  • Custom built
    • To meet exact product requirements and process applications
  • Integrates with Double D Wood Chip Smoke Generator
    • Adds additional process flexibility

Key Product and Process Applications

  • Steam cook hams, chicken, vegetables, and rice
  • Roast Chicken, beef, ham or pork joints
  • Cook a wide range of fish including all types of ready meals
  • Bake potatoes
  • Cook hamburgers, sausages, and bacon
  • Roast a wide variety of vegetables
  • Smokes a variety of seafood, meat, poultry and vegetables

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