NumeriCAL On-Line®

The proven LOG-TEC® hardware platform combined with NumeriCAL, the industry’s most advanced modeling, lethality tracking and documenting software, to provide the most reliable, advanced and efficient control system ever available to batch retort operators.

This union represents the most advanced control system ever offered to food processors who batch sterilize thermally processed foods. NumericaCAL for batch retorts follows process models more precisely than any other industry product. Safely and precisely delivering shorter thermal processes that create cook time savings of up to 30%. It tracks lethality from beginning to end and it provides immediate encrypted documentation for safety and security.

NumeriCAL uses the finite difference method for instantaneously calculating exact product temperature and lethality for each batch at every stage of the process. It manages variable retort temperatures, precisely follows the entire heating and cooling curve while incorporating the accuracy of the General Method for lethality calculations.

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