How does this work?

JBT FoodTech utilizes a series of multiple effect evaporators for tomato concentration with upward forced-flow recirculation in vertical tube-in-shell heater in all the effects.

Each effect basically includes: a vertical tube-nest; a liquid vapor separation chamber and a recirculation pump.
The pump pushes the product internally from the bottom to the top, which guarantees that the heat exchange is always hot and minimizes the risk of burning. The product recirculates in each stage until it is requested by the next effect.

The Evaporator operates under vacuum, which is maintained by a barometric condenser connected to the evaporator’s last effect and to a vacuum pump, in order to lower the boiling point of the concentrate and preserve the organoleptic properties.
Machines operations, including start-up and shut-down, are controlled by PC/PLC system; the operator’s intervention is consequently limited to menu selection.


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