JBT Proudly Welcomes Avure to the Family

Avure HPP

High-Pressure Processing (HPP)

The secret to fresh, flavorful foods and beverages with a longer shelf life.

Food and beverage manufacturers of all shapes and sizes depend on Avure’s high pressure processing systems to serve up safe, healthy and delicious products without chemicals, additives or heat - while doubling or even tripling shelf life.

By processing foods at extremely high water pressures not even found in the deepest ocean (up to 6,000 bar or 87,000 psi), Avure HPP systems neutralize listeria, salmonella, E. coli and other deadly bacteria.

You’ll find foods processed by Avure HPP systems in every corner of the world. From guacamole to fruit juice, BBQ brisket and tabouli, Avure’s HPP makes them better.

JBT Acquisition of Avure Technologies

JBT announced on February 27, 2017 that it purchased Avure Technologies, Inc. With HPP’s rapidly expanding market adoption and broad application across protein and liquid foods, JBT can now offer comprehensive thermal and non-thermal pasteurization solutions to global food and beverage producers. Avure will benefit from JBT’s global salesforce and responsive aftermarket support, as well as the Company’s commitment to developing next generation equipment that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership by optimizing throughput and reliability.


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