Cranberry, apple, grapefruit, tomato, mango, carrot, grape... Fruit juices come in many flavors and combinations, and in many different formats as well: canned, frozen, concentrated, and more.

Oranges and Orange Juice

Juice is contained in fruits or vegetables. It can be homemade, concentrated, or canned. Juices made from the concentrate form require the addition of water giving rise to the “from concentrated Juice” form. Some people prefer “freshly-squeezed” juices. Usually a fruit juice has a level of purity of 100% but regulations may differ from country to country. Products of less than 100% of purity are usually referred to as “Juice cocktails” or “Juice Drinks”. A “Nectar” may contain sweeteners or other additives. Juices are usually filled under aseptic conditions or pasteurized. Whatever your needs may be JBT FoodTech has the solution for you.

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