How does this work?

The product leaving the Evaporator is pumped into a storage tank to feed the Flash Cooler and provide a continuous and steady flow of product to the steam injection heating system.

In-line steam injector heats the product from the temperature it has at evaporator outlet to the desired sterilization temperature in as few as 3 to 5 seconds. At the end of sterilization, the product flows to the high-temperature holding tank on top the Flash Cooler. Here the product is held for the time required to assure proper sterilization.

The level in the tank is controlled automatically so permitting a constant holding time as the product rate of flow may vary. The product is then transferred by differential pressure from the holding tank to the vacuum chamber, where flash cooling in aseptic environment takes place. In the vacuum chamber, flash evaporation makes the product cool down to a balance temperature of about 35 to 38 °C (aseptic application).

Once the desired level of product is reached in the vacuum chamber and in the product down flow pipe to the extraction pump, the Flash Cooler working cycle is completed and the product is then sent to the aseptic filler.

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