Hyper-Switch Bene

Hyper-Switch dramatically improves state-of-the-art x-ray inspection machines by utilizing neural network technology. This technology automatically learns what normal product should look like under the light of x-ray energy and detects undesired contamination such as stainless steel, glass and stone. It also simultaneously inspects each product for under fill or weight. Bene uses neural network technology to quickly determine what to expect.


Contaminant and weighing capabilities no longer require trained personnel to set-up and adjust. Bene simply learns what is normal by observation of "known good" examples. Placing the burden of set-up and adjustment completely under the control of software enables unparalleled computing power to bear on the inspection task.

This system can detect these product defects:

  • Shape defects in 3 dimensions.
  • Weight, either whole product, or selected product within the container.
  • Absence or excess product such as manual or component.
  • Packaging defects such as open flap, missing spacer.
  • Object position such as missed drilled hole or bearing in position.
  • Missing item such as product instructions, assembly parts.
  • Count the proper number of items within a package.


Normal operating features are best accomplished with an intuitive touch screen, while advance set-up and statistical functions use a remote, full feature interface.

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