AseptiCAL software is an advanced finite difference based mathematical modeling package for aseptic process development of low acid and high acid foods with or without discrete particulates. AseptiCAL accommodates 3-D Particulates, 2-D Particulates, 1-D Particulates and Homogenous Products.

  • Developed based on the software life-cycle activities and recognized by US FDA and food industry for the aseptic process development for the low-acid foods containing discrete particles.
  • Predict the core temperatures of the fastest moving particle, and calculate its lethality values and corresponding integrated lethality values at various locations along the processing system.
  • Calculates required hold tube length for scheduled lethality, verifies sizing calculations and reduces new product development research stage
  • Safe, immediate product hold assessments provide immediate process deviation analysis and reduce the production cost of deviations
  • Optimizes aseptic processing time and temperature so savings can be applied to product quality, operational expenses and/or throughput

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