Main benefits of new and improved side link technology

Increased lateral strength will lower the risk for production stops

Our new side link technology is 3 times stronger to give you greater uptime than ever.

Rod diameter options create maximum flexibility

The FRIGoBELT NOVA offers different rod diameters to cover a broad spectrum of belt widths and applications.

A wider belt foot for reduced wear

A wider belt foot more efficiently adjusts pressure to evenly distribute the load over the FRIGoDRIVE® system. This significantly lowers drive forces and reduces wear in the overall system. For belt replacements, the FRIGoBELT NOVA is available with a wider belt foot as an option.

Exceptional reliability through improved interlocking

The new design features side link interlocking at more than 3 times the previous depth for unrivaled stability.

Increased contact surface raises stability and reduces wear

30 times more contact surface between each link gives better weight distribution through the belt stack, reduces wear and provides safer performance.

Double air infiltration holes for stronger design

Having several smaller holes makes the side link stiffer compared to constructions with a few large holes. The diameter of the holes has been precisely engineered for optimal air flow and superior product quality.

Compatible with current drive systems

The FRIGoBELT® NOVA makes it easy to upgrade with full backwards compatibility.

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