Stein TM Series Tempura Batter Mixer

The Stein TM-3 and TM-4 Tempura Batter Mixers are recognized as the industry standard for automatic tempura batter control.

Stein TM-3 Tempura Batter Mixer

The TM Series automatically proportions, mixes, and transfers thick and highly leavened batters to tempura style batter applicators. The TM mixer provides gentle and controlled mixing, gentle batter transfer, accurate and repeatable mix ratios, and maintains a constant batter level in the tempura batter applicator.

Key Features

  • TM-3 available in hydraulic drives only and push button controls
  • TM-4 available in electric drives only and PLC controls
  • Gentle mixing and transfer combined with precise mix ratios
  • Positive displacement pump
  • Remote level sensor in the tempura batter applicator
  • Rotating and orbiting mixing cage for effective and gentle mixing
  • Adjustable floats pre-measure water for one or two bag mixes

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