In-Container Processing

Ready meals are increasingly becoming an important part of our modern lifestyle. Processed soups and sauces are quickly replacing their homemade counterparts on the shelves of every households around the globe. Today's ready-made meals, soups and sauces taste as good as many home recipes.

Shelf-stable food

The recent success of shelf stable food is to be attributed to the increased demand of consumers for convenience foods. This trend has surfaced due to our busy modern lifestyle and the demise of the classical family dinner. Consumers work longer hours and spend more time commuting or traveling; their desire is to maximize their increasingly limited leisure time. For this reason, processors are always looking at ways to make your meals easier, faster but also tastier. In the last five years, rising health concerns mean that consumers are more and more aware of the influence of their diet on their health. For this reason the ready-to-eat market has increased its focus on making not only tastier but also healthier meals that you can eat almost anywhere and at anytime.

Shelf stable means that a product can be safely stored and sold in a container at room temperature. Various food preservation techniques are used such as decreasing the amount of water in a product, increasing its acidity or sterilizing the food and sealing it in an air-tight container. Today, modern equipment can achieve this without any alteration in taste or color. At JBT, we specialize in providing integrated solutions for filling, closing and sterilizing most types of containers like glass jars, plastic bottles and trays, metal cans, plastic pouches and paperboard containers. Furthermore we can integrate this offering with modern process control software, automatic handling systems and worldwide R&D and customer service support. 

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