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JBT serves a large global base of food processing and air transportation customers. From R&D through service after the sale, we develop and deliver products that maximize our customers’ operating efficiency while minimizing their environmental impact.

It is this maximizing while minimizing that extends JBT’s impact beyond of our walls and contributes to our customers attaining their CSR goals.

Increasingly, CSR related contributions have become a performance criteria used to evaluate suppliers. The consideration of a product’s environmental responsibility plays well to JBT’s strengths and capabilities.

Our focus on providing value throughout our product’s life-cycle, our contribution to customer sustainability only begins with JBT products. For instance: 

  • Outside JBT: Our Solutions - Ceramic CoatingsNon-toxic, energy efficient ceramic coating reduces energy costs. JBT FoodTech’s Madera, CA, facility helped develop a new ceramic coating for industrial sterilizer that conserves energy, protects equipment, supports a safe work environment and can save customers up to 35% in energy costs per coated unit of equipment.
  • Freezer technology reduces refrigerant usage. The Frigoscandia LVS FRIGoPAK® refrigeration system from JBT FoodTech is up to 20% more efficient than traditional pumped refrigerant systems, and requires a much smaller refrigerant charge, reducing refrigerant use by up to 50%. 
  • Evaporator technology delivers increased profits. JBT FoodTech’s Thermally Accelerated Short Time Evaporator (T.A.S.T.E.) technology integrates business and environmental benefits for all types of tomato, fruit and clear fruit juice production. A combination of energy savings and higher production can provide increased profits of over $10 per minute and a return on investment in approximately two years. 
  • Outside JBT: Our Solutions - On The Ground Air and PowerGround-based air and power units save fuel, reduce emissions and more. JBT AeroTech’s JetAire® preconditioned air and JetPower® 400Hz power units allow aircraft to turn off APUs while parked at the gate, enabling airlines to reduce fuel and other costs while reducing emissions, noise pollution and ramp congestion. 
  • Increased airport energy efficiency. JBT AeroTech partnered with airport and airline customers in Dallas, Houston and Memphis to achieve improved facility energy efficiency and reduced their energy and water usage.

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About JBT
JBT (NYSE: JBT) is a leading technology solutions provider to the food processing and air transportation industries. We design, manufacture, test and service technologically sophisticated systems and products for regional and multi-national industrial food processing customers through our JBT FoodTech segment and for domestic and international air transportation customers through our JBT AeroTech segment. For more information please visit www.jbtcorporation.com.