Citrus Roller Spreader

The JBT Roller Spreader evenly distributes fruit into a single layer to allow it to be inspected and graded more efficiently. Culled or rejected fruit is placed into a center cull lane or into discharge chutes adjacent to the grader, depending on the model chosen.

Grading Table Image


  • Rollers are equipped with replaceable end bushings 
  • Rollers are carried by D-6 attachments on RS-3013 chain driven by 10-tooth sprockets 
  • Intake end sprockets are bushed on stub shafts 
  • Side panels are constructed of stainless steel 
  • All conveyors over 7′ long include inspection doors for viewing internal area of the machine
  • Both the chain and end bushings are supported by and roll within a metal track 
  • Rollers are supported by and roll on a lagged metal framework; this framework can be adjusted vertically to extend roller life 
  • Speed reduction is accomplished through a shaft-mounted Dodge speed reducer 
  • Powertrain horsepower is based upon width and length of the roller conveyor
  • Standard drive arrangement is a right-hand drive; a left-hand drive is available as an option

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