Here are some of the benefits of JBT FoodTech's XL-Series Piston filler:

  • Easy plug and piston removal:

Easy plug and piston removal ensures minimum machine down-time for cleaning, fast product change-over, easy maintenance and low labor cost.

  • Heavy duty construction:

Heavy duty piston cams, rollers, bearings allow for improved fill accuracy and extended operating life.


  • Infinite fill volume adjustment:

Our infinitely adjustable piston cam allows the fill volume to be adjusted while the machine is running. Automatic volume adjustment is available as an option.

  • No-container-no-fill system:

As all our fillers, our no-can-no-fill system eliminates any product loss.

  • Container Banking:

One piece chrome-plated stainless steel banking rails ensure minimum product spillage and high fill accuracy.

  • Quick height and diameter change-over:

Quick exchange container diameter parts combined with central container height and volume adjustment, allow fast container change-over (less than 10 minutes).


  • Exceptional sanitary features:

Complete filler guarding, stainless steel bottom plate with collection through one drainage point and stainless steel parts allow our fillers to be some of the most sanitary in the industry. This combined with our Wash-In-Place System will make your cleaning procedures much easier.

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