USA: Lakeland Fl - Citrus Systems Research & Technology Center System (RTC)

For many years JBT Corporation has continuously invested in extensive scientific research to continue development on the many aspects of the citrus extraction process. Our researchers and engineers stand firmly committed to conducting market-driven research giving JBT Corp. customers a sustainable competitive advantage in their respective citrus processing markets.

The Citrus Systems Research & Technology Center System (RTC) includes two pilot plants, one located in Lakeland, Florida and the other in Araraquara, Brazil as well as relationships with many prestigious academic and research institutions in the U.S., Brazil,

Spain, and China. Each pilot plant is prepared to simulate many of the processes found in the modern commercial citrus processing facility.

The primary objectives are to optimize the yield, quality and throughput of the citrus processing equipment and systems that JBT Corporation supplies. With our well established R&D management process in place, Citrus Systems consistently maximizes the available expertise and resources.

Both pilot plants are equipped with sophisticated laboratory instruments prepared to perform quality investigations and physical chemistry analysis as established by U.S., European and Asian regulatory authorities and the market’s demanding requirements.
The quality of our investigations is guaranteed by using sound scientific practices and procedures that consistently use methodologies and statistics to properly plan the experiments and to analyze the results.

In addition to conducting trials with fruit, the RTC has a fully trained taste panel that can be utilized to conduct sensory analyses for citrus processors and juice marketers alike.

Not only is the Citrus Systems RTC used to conduct internal research and development programs it is also used to generate monthly yield and quality reports. These reports are then sent via our JuiceLines™ monthly e-mail distribution to help customers optimize their production facilities.

One important value offered by the RTC stems from the partnership between JBT Corporation’s fresh produce and citrus processing R&D teams. Researchers from the Fresh Produce Technologies group partner with citrus processing scientists to help bring to customers superior fruit cleaners that help strip chemical residues from fruit, effective sanitizers and equipment cleaners, and proven food safety programs. The collaboration between both fresh and process research teams brings unparalleled technologies and services to the industry.

Another value provided by the Research and Technology Center is as a training facility for customers. Here customer personnel can learn about scientific processes and procedures, laboratory equipment, equipment operations, and much more.

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