DB-4Xtra Operation

Following are the key operating features of the DB-4:

DB-4Xtra Drum Breader discharge end view

  • The drum is tilted toward the discharge end so product moves steadily during the tumbling process.
  • Rotational speed and drum angle are variable to control product dwell time in the coating and achieve the optimum coating result for each product.
  • Ridges inside the drum ensure a constant tumbling action of product and coating material.
  • Excess breading material drops through a mesh opening at the discharge end of the drum and is recirculated through the breader.
  • Coated product drops onto the flat flex wire belt discharge conveyor.
  • When used as a pre-duster, each piece comes out of the DB-4 with a uniform pre-dust coating making it easier to handle and facilitates belt loading and product re-orientation in preparation for the next coating step.

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