Stein Heritageā„¢ Breader

The newest generation of Stein breading machines, the new Stein Heritageā„¢ is designed for flour and fine granular free flow coating materials.

A History of Coating Innovation

As the name implies, the new Stein Heritage Breader comes from a long and successful family of innovative coating applicators. The new Heritage Breader continues that lineage.

Less is more

The Heritage was built on the principal that less is more. Its simplicity of design means less things to go wrong, less adjustments while maintaining full operational functionality, easier to clean, and extremely energy efficient.

The Heritage has only four key operational adjustments to control coating application and line speed:

  • Belt speed
  • Vertical screw RPM
  • Sifter
  • Hopper discharge

Hydraulic version

The hydraulic version uses a stingy 16 GPM of hydraulic flow. With a smaller footprint comes less material to charge the machine.

The Heritage is ready to go with only three 50lb bags of breading, compared to the five or eight 50lb bags required for larger machines. This means:

  • Faster start-ups
  • Quicker changeovers
  • Less waste at the end of the production shift
  • Ready to go with 3-50 lb bags of breading compared to 5 – 50 lb bags for larger machines

New vertical hopper

The core of this totally new design is the vertical hopper design coupled with a unique top layer discharge.

  • Control coating pick up precisely; minimize removal of excess coating
  • Vertical hopper design allows extremely short machine without sacrificing critical hydration time needed to insure quality coating application
  • Linear hydration distance is the same as breaders almost twice as long

Open frame design

Formed “superstructure” frame design uses fabricated open frame technique, eliminating hollow square tubes

  • Eliminates potential bacteria hot spots
  • All areas under the breader are easily accessible for cleaning
  • Robust and durable 7 gauge frame and 11 gauge tank is able to withstand rigors of 24/7 operation

Stein Heritage Breader applications 

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