With its high quality double seams, easy operation and supervision, stainless steel execution and automatic lubrication, JBT FoodTech's SeamTec™ series of seamers is a leader in the industry. Read more if you want to know why.

  • Common Spare Parts:

Conceived as one family, SeamTec™ offers maximum commonality of spare parts.

  • Quick Can Format Change-over:

Can diameter change-over time is cut in half by a drastic reduction of change parts. One point can height adjustment is standard and motorized can height adjustment is available as an option. A typical change-over time is less than 5 minutes

SeamTec rolls

  • High Quality Double Seams:

Robust, long-life power driven lifters and spindles, non-interlocking seaming rolls, spring-loaded positive knock-out pads and positive return single seaming arms assure consistent, high quality seams. On-line seam monitoring is available as option.

  • New Standards in Sanitary Design:

Full length sanitary guards with integrated cable trunking and large doors give access to an open and easy to clean construction. SeamTec™ features a stainless steel bottom plate with a single drainage point. Sanitary, stainless steel supports are integrated in the bottom plate and no exposed bolts are present

Seaming Heads

  • Easy Operation and Execution:

SeamTec™ seamers are standard PLC-controlled, frequency driven and fitted with a highly informative touch screen. This screen provides machine status, production data, alarms, operator interventions, trouble shooting and maintenance schedule. A modern connection for remote diagnosis and intervention is available as option. Large stainless steel exteriors offer easy access and good overview. Remote controlled operation is available. The flow-through oil lubrication system lubricates seaming heads, shaft and lifter tables, without stopping the machine. Automatic oil recovery is optional. Gears in the top housing run in oil bath. SeamTec™ uses USDA and FDA approved food grade oils. Our machine is also fitted with automatic electronic seam setting positioning. The disengaging second operation allows for easy seam adjustment.

  • Operational Efficiency:

Standard cover feed stack with connecting flange to any type of automatic cover supply, cover stack height control, robust construction, can counter, yes-can-no-cover detection system and reversed cover detection lead to unmatched operational efficiency. For our customers this means:

  • Longer life
  • Less maintenance
  • Higher machine speed
  • Consistent seaming
  • Seaming of thinner and harder materials
  • Less spillage and smoother transfer

SeamTec PLC

  • High Performance Cleaning:

Consistent hygienic design and material choice make SeamTec™ easy to clean and compatible with many of today's commonly used cleaning agents. Automatic wash-in-place is available as an option.

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