Stein ProGrill® Conveyorized Teflon Belt Contact Cooker

The Stein ProGrill provides high production two-sided contact cooking and is available in a variety of sizes to match your production requirements.

Stein ProGrill® Conveyorized Teflon Belt Contact Cooker

The Stein ProGrill® is designed to continuously cook boneless products between two sets of heated platens that sear the outside of the product. ProGrills are often used before an oven line to sear the surface of the product but can also be used to fully cook low profile products with flat horizontal surface areas. Contact cooking prevents product "puffing", adds cooking capacity to the production line and improves product cook yield.

The ProGrill® is excellent for cooking boneless products such as:

  • chicken tenders
  • meat patties
  • steak
  • bacon
  • pre-cooked sandwiches
  • meat loafs
  • pizza toppings
  • pancakes, French toasts, crepes, eggs
  • sausages
  • fish cakes, fillets, shrimps
  • vegetables



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