Engineered for low consumption and high output

Eliminating many of the problems inherent in traditional refrigeration systems, LVS Refrigeration ensures optimum freezer performance, maximum energy efficiency and minimum operational headaches.

A winning investment

Up to 20% more efficient than traditional pumped refrigerant systems, the patented dry suction system employed delivers more capacity from the compressor and better evaporator performance, which add up to greater capacity for your freezer.

Additional benefits include:

The LVS Refrigeration can be installed in a few days. It is easy to retrofit on all your freezers and chillers, and easy to relocate

Easy operation
Fully automatic controls integrate with the freezer control panel. No specialist knowledge is needed to achieve trouble-free start-up and operation.

Up to 50% less refrigerant
Compact design, with smaller pipe dimensions and no need for a large pressure vessel, means much lower refrigerant costs.

65% smaller footprint
Saved space lowers your building costs, while small size gives great location flexibility without sacrificing performance.

Powerful performance
Fast temperature pull-down. Low-temperature freezing (down to -50˚C/-60˚F) gives you increased freezer capacity and lower food product dehydration.

No refrigerant pumps means less maintenance, easier maintenance and longer service intervals.

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