Citrus Beltroll Sizer

The JBT Beltroll Sizer is one of the fastest, most accurate citrus sizing systems available. The sizer is constructed of stainless steel and built for extreme durability, sizing accuracy, speed and versatility. Each sizing module's movable frame and sizing rollers can be easily raised or lowered with the motor-driven adjustment mechanism.

Beltroll Sizer


  • Rugged, stainless-steel contstruction of channel frame, size adjustment screws, and intake chute.
  • Anti-friction ball bearings on all sizing rollers.
  • Wing diverter to prevent "piggy backing".
  • Electric size adjustment which can be controlled remotely.
  • Idle drums constructed of wear resistant UHMW.
  • Drive drums constructed of stainless steel with "V" groove for vulcanized "V" guided, 3-1/2" belt.
  • Replaceable UHMW wear tracks for belts.
  • 16 gauge stainless steel sizing rollers.
  • Worm gear adjusting mechanism for positive adjustment of sizing modules.
  • 8" fruit clearance throughout the sizer.
  • 5/8" stainless steel sizing roller support plate.


  • Better sizing accuracy.
  • Increased capacity.
  • Easier, truer adjustability.
  • Increased mechanical reliability.
  • Improved belt tracking.

Available Configurations

  • Eight Runs with one size drop (two sizes).
  • Eight Runs with two size drops (three sizes).
  • Ten Runs with one size drop (two sizes).
  • Ten Runs with two size drops (three sizes)

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