Product quality, filling accuracy, easy cleaning and operation. these are some of the many benefits of our Granular filler.

  • Individual spring loaded fill gates:

Individual spring-loaded gates offer minimum product build-up and therefore: gentle product handling, hygienic operation and easy cleaning, minimum product loss and finally, superior fill accuracy  compared to conventional deadplate fillers.

  • No-Can-No-Fill system:

Our electro-pneumatic no-can-no-fill system ensures proper timing of the gate actuation and eliminates product loss due to missing containers and facilitates start-up.

  • Heavy Duty Top Plate:

A robust top plate in stainless steel ensures superior fill accuracy for small and large particles.

  • Fill volume adjust-in-motion system:

Our XL-Series Granular Filler is standard fitted with an in-motion fill volume system that allows fill volume correction without stopping the filler. This allows for fast compensation for density variations between product batches as well.

  • Easy-to-clean execution:

Our Granular Filler is equipped with an easy-to-clean wiper system including a push-button operated wiper lift system, which further facilitates cleaning. 

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