Model 593 Citrus Juice Extractor

By taking our workhorse model 391 extractor and building upon its many advantages, JBT has created a machine designed for for the most demanding, high-volume citrus processors. Combining higher processing speeds with improved yield and quality, the Model 593 Citrus Juice Extractor stands alone as the best-in-class.

Greater Throughput equals Greater Plant Processing Capacity

Capable of processing citrus at speeds of up to 600 fruit per minute, the model 593 extractor can boost your plant's potential throughput while fitting within the same footprint as the model 391.  By improving feed efficiency, the 593 is able to increase throughput even further.

Improved Yield and Quality Translates to Greater Profitability

Through years of research and development, JBT's model 593 raises the yield-quality curve to new heights.  Pilot plant tests show increased overall yields as high as 1.5%, which translates into an improved bottom line.  Overall yield increases are reflected in increased production of both pulp and primary juice.

Redesigned Surfaces and Stainless Steel Construction for Better Cleanability and Food Safety

By creating a cleaner internal design, redesigning surfaces to have fewer edges and protrusions, and using only stainless steel in food-contact areas, the model 593 extractor helps processors meet the most rigorous food safety standards around the world.

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