Our competencies

In 1884, John Bean set out to solve a problem. In doing so he developed a truly innovative solution to battle the devastating San Jose scale affecting California's orchards -- the first continuous spray pump. This development set in motion JBT as we know it today, a company where problem solving and innovative solutions remain the cornerstone.

Hundreds of innovations have followed, such as the invention of the rotary sterilizer, a landmark technology that revolutionized in-container processing. Today, JBT remains a leader in all forms of in-container processing. 

From freezing technology that has made it possible for processors to introduce hundreds of new frozen food products to citrus extraction technology that provides high-quality citrus juices around the world, JBT has been there from the beginning. Today, JBT continues to reinvent itself and deliver best-in-class solutions based on a culture of innovation and problem solving, coupled with our core competencies in various food preservation techniques.

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About JBT
JBT (NYSE: JBT) is a leading technology solutions provider to the food processing and air transportation industries. We design, manufacture, test and service technologically sophisticated systems and products for regional and multi-national industrial food processing customers through our JBT FoodTech segment and for domestic and international air transportation customers through our JBT AeroTech segment. For more information please visit www.jbtcorporation.com.