Frying and Filtration

With the continuing popularity of coated food products, JBT FoodTech has kept pace with the broadest, most efficient line of frying and filtration solutions available.

JBT FoodTech, through its Stein brand, has the industry’s largest installed base of fryers and filters for continuous deep fat frying. Food processors know from experience that to achieve product uniformity, efficient heat transfer, sanitation, reliability and the lowest possible operating costs, JBT FoodTech comes through time and again with tailored engineering solutions such as the Stein THERMoFIN® Fryer (TFF) and MicroMax™ (MX) Filter.

Processors know that every new coated product introduced to the market requires a thorough analysis of the frying and filtering process, particularly with the current 'zero trans fat' challenge. At such a time, who better to turn to than JBT FoodTech frying and filtration technicians? Whether it's pre-fry, full fry, flour coating, tempura batter, conventional batter, or Japanese-Style coating; whatever your product calls for, JBT FoodTech has been there and done it better, faster and more efficiently.

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