At JBT FoodTech, we do not only supply our clients with leading technology equipment. We are also there to assist them by finding innovative solutions to their problems. Here are some examples where we have successfully solved many of the challenges our clients submitted to us.

JBT FoodTech is your one-stop-shop for all of your sterilization needs.

With more than 60 years of experience in filling, closing and sterilization, JBT FoodTech is not only your favorite equipment supplier but also your leading solutions provider.

Energy Optimization:


Static retort principle

Energy is valuable for our clients. And at JBT FoodTech we do not take this step lightly, especially when large quantities of water and electricity are involved. Are retorts are designed to be energy efficient. We have found that our SuperAgi™ Agitating Batch retort uses less energy when compared to conventional retorts. Furthermore, we have developed many energy efficient solutions that proved to be cost-efficient or time-efficient for our customers. For example, one of our clients wanted to increase his capacity.
For this we developed a "turbo-cooling", with a much larger heat exchanger. This reduced the cooling time and thus the maximum capacity of the process was improved.

Other examples include the recycling of the heat included in the old cooling water as well as the use of other warm water to speed-up the heating phase.

Machine and Layout Customization:

Our customers may have specific needs when it comes to a simple retort, depending on their process, the available floor space and other technical parameters. For example, some clients needed a different number of baskets than we normally supply, others have asked for a slightly different machine layout resulting with the creation of  "mirrored" retorts thus saving valuable factory space. Other customers needed to have more operating modes available with their retorts. For this we have developed 100% steam and Steam-Water-Spray (SWS™).

At JBT FoodTech we are also able to develop your layout design according to your needs. With our fillers and closers products JBT FoodTech is the only company in the industry that can provide you with complete lines and turnkey solutions.

Material Handling Systems:

Because layout optimization means handling the containers going in and out of the retorts, JBT FoodTech is able to supply you with an array of solutions that range from the handling of plastic pouches, paperboard, bottles and cans. As of today we have delivered an increasing number of material handling systems.

If you want to learn more about material handling systems, please click here

Tray Design:

Because our customers' products are unique they require unique handling. JBT FoodTech can customize your tray design according to your needs.
For pouches, bottles, glass, cans, you name it we have the solution for you.

Basket Tracking System (BTS):

Today, sterilization is not the only critical part in a process. Every step has to be fully documented and controlled. With JBT FoodTech's Basket Tracking System (BTS) you will have a complete overview of your sterilization system before, during and after the sterilization step.  Electronic record keeping is generated and data can be fed directly in your own data management system. Here are some of the benefits of the basket tracking system:

  • Complete system overview
  • Dwell time tracking with early warnings, preventing pre-process lag time deviations if the filling line is temporarily down
  • Electronic record keeping (automatic and manual operations are recorded in a log)
  • Product history
  • Automatic transport coordination
  • Les labor intensive than manual loading and unloading
  • Reduced risk of operator errors 

Food Lab Services:

For years JBT FoodTech has been exceeding expectations in terms of client service and assistance. Our Food Lab is fully equipped with pilot units and industry experts. Our clients turn to us because they know that our experience in the industry can help them overcome their challenges. If you have a new product or application, whatever the challenge, JBT FoodTech is your one-stop solution for all of your product development needs. Here are some of the services our food lab provides:

  • Technology training
  • Heat penetration studies
  • Container performance studies
  • Technological Machine audits
  • Calibration of instruments

Thermal Process Modelling:

Retort controls

We have a wide range of thermal processing modelling software available for various equipment and applications.

If you want to learn more about our thermal process modelling software, please click here.

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