The X-59 Series of closers has all machine gearing in one oil bath in the closer top housing. This unique concept is essential for the trouble-free operation, extreme reliability and low maintenance of the X-59 Series closers.

  • Sanitary design: 

The combination of the all stainless steel or non-corrosive material construction with the easy access to product contact areas, makes the X-59 Series closers particularly suitable for applications requiring high standards of hygiene or where highly corrosive products are being filled.

  • Operator Safety:

Full length stainless steel guards are an integral part of the machine.

  • Easy accessibility:

Large, electrically interlocked doors are designed for easy accessibility for maintenance, machine adjustment and change-over.

  • Low noise:

The totally enclosed design, the smaller number of gears used and a power belt drive system, all contribute to a considerable reduction in noise levels. 

  • Fully automatic lubrication:

The fully automatic oil flow lubrication system lubricates all essential machine parts without stopping the machine. The system uses USDA and FDA approved food grade oils.

  • Low and easy maintenance:

Easy and quick access to all major assemblies for maintenance, adjustment or removal of parts ensures minimum down time and production loss.

  • Consistent seam quality:

The use of power-driven seaming spindles and base plates ensures consistent production of acceptable double seams on the lightest of light weight cans.

  • Proven undercover gassing:

Efficient removal of air from the can headspace is achieved by a proven “double action” undercover gassing system.

  • Low spillage:

Stainless steel, spring-loaded knock-out pads and reduced diameter lifter tables with low lift cam minimize product spillage.

X 59 closers

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