JBT FoodTech’s involvement in full cooked processing goes back to the mid 1970s when the highly successful CounterFlow® Convection Oven (CFO) was introduced by Stein, which later was acquired by JBT.

Utilizing horizontal airflow and a combination of convection and condensational heat transfer, the CFO provided processors with a very effective method of producing large volumes of high yield fully cooked product.

However, the dynamic growth of fully cooked products as well as demands for improved product color development called for higher capacity systems that provided more color development. In 1988 the Jet Stream® Impingement Oven (JSO) was introduced, as a high capacity convection oven that utilized high velocity vertical airflow that impinged the food product from top and bottom. Licensing a patented impingement air flow technology Stein applied its vast knowledge of applications and cooking expertise to produce the industries most widely used linear convection oven systems. But the innovation and development didn’t stop there.

Later we revolutionized conveyorized convection cooking with the introduction of the industry’s first successful convection spiral conveyor oven. The GYRoCOMPACT® Oven (GCO) was the food processing industry’s first successful high capacity oven. Based on the patented self-stacking FRIGoBELT® design, the GCO provided food processors with a cleanable, high capacity spiral cooking system that could produce more pounds of product than any other system in the world. Stein’s MultiPhase Cooking® approach introduced the concept of multiple cooking mediums on a single line to maximize the results and achieve the desired physical attributes.

Now part of the JBT FoodTech family of products, the Stein product line of oven cooking systems continue to provide high capacity, high yield cooking. In 1997 we introduced the fourth generation of the Jet Stream Oven, the JSO-IV, and utilizing thermal fluid heat transfer technology. This unique design provided even higher yield cooking while maintaining high throughput.

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