Stein SF Series Force Flow Hot Oil Filter

The Stein SF filter is capable of filtering particles down to 60 microns, making all three SF models ideal for all free flowing and Japanese style coating materials.

Stein SF Series Hot Oil Filter

Developed as the successor to older style paper filters, the SF Series uses a unique woven stainless steel cloth filter belt and a highly efficient pump system which provides positive removal of particulates in the oil and high volume filtration.

The SF Series Force Flow filter is available in three sizes to fit different production needs:

  • SF-3 (3ft2 /1m2 of filter area) for small frying requirements
  • SF-7 (7ft2 /2.18m2 of filter area) for medium frying requirements
  • SF-11 (11ft2 /3.4m2 of filter area) for medium frying requirements

Key Features

  • Provides continuous/automatic removal of sediment from the fryer/filter systems
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel woven mesh belt filter media in 60 or 80 micron filtration size
  • Variable flow centrifugal style automatic feed pump activated by oil level float system delivers oil to filter
  • Variable flow centrifugal style continuous suction/discharge pump returns oil to fryer
  • Controls integrated with fryer controls

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