Transport Systems

Once the layerpads are arranged in their respective baskets, the baskets have to be transported to the retorts. JBT FoodTech manufactures a number of transport systems for this purpose. Furthermore JBT AGV is able to provide you with automated guided vehicles for this purpose.

Automatically Guided Vehicles:

Automatically guided vehicles are computer controlled using a laser guided coordinate system. They are useful for conveying  baskets when the loader/unloader is located in a remote area. The main advantage is that they leave a clear floor space without rails or tracks.

If you want to know more about AGVs please visit the JBT AGV website here.

Shuttle System:

Shuttle systems are mounted on rails and are designed to transfer baskets from the loader to the retorts and from the retorts to the unloader. Shuttles are mounted on rails and are perfect for short distances.

Fixed Conveyors:

Fixed conveyors are designed to transport full baskets from the loader to the retort and unloader and empty baskets from the unloader to the loader.

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