Pasteurization – Stein JSP-1 Jet Stream Pasteurizer

The Stein JSP-1 Jet Stream Surface Pasteurization System delivers a pathogen-free product surface without altering its raw-like nature and appearance. Ideal for low moisture applications including all nut varieties.

Stein JSP-1 Jet Stream Surface Pasteurization System

The Stein JSP-1 Jet Stream Surface Pasteurizer delivers:

  • Continuous, reliable, and consistent process
  • Process validated with 4 or 5 log reductions of salmonella PT30 as desired for various nut types
  • Precise process control and full automatic documentation
  • Gentle handling with no product skin damage
  • Elevated temperature / short dwell time pasteurization
  • Powerful condensation heat transfer along with high velocity impingement provides high capacity and desired product attributes
  • System equipped with Allen Bradley AB controls that conform to ABC requirements and FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act on process record keeping

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