Canmaking is the process of making metal cans for the food and beverage industry. There are 2 types of metal cans. The first one is the 3-piece can which is made of an open ended cylinder, a side seam and two ends. Second, the 2-piece can with one closed-ended-seamless cylinder and one can end.

Canmaking big

The typical process of making a 3-piece can consists of the following steps:

  • Cutting: of the coil into large sheets.
  • Coating: of the sheets with lacquer.
  • Drying: of the lacquer in a tunnel.
  • Slitting: of the large sheets into small sheets.
  • Welding: of the small sheets to form a cylinder.
  • Re-coating: of the weld with lacquer.
  • Seaming: of the can end onto one side.

JBT Foodtech's range of can closers are known for their reliability and durability and are therefore the ideal solution for canmakers and the seaming of the can end.

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