The Hydromatic Continuous Sterilizer is recognized as one of the premier in–container sterilization technologies throughout the world. Since its inception in 1955, over 500 units have been installed worldwide to sterilize a broad range of in–container foods, including pet food, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and beverages. To learn more about the Hydromatic Continuous Sterilizer, please click here.

Hydrostatic Sterilizer

The JBT FoodTech Hydrostatic Sterilizer provides continual processing of almost all container sizes and types including metal, glass and plastic.

The Hydrostatic Sterilizer is ideal for processing products that require long cook and cool times, high throughputs and for those deriving little or no benefit from agitation. JBT FoodTech has many years of experience in design, project management and installation of hydrostatic sterilizers. Clear communication, adherence to design specifications, and meeting project schedules are our trademark. On-site installation supervision assistance can be provided to ensure the proper erection of the machine in the most cost efficient and safe manner. Hands-on training for operators, maintenance, and other plant personnel can also be provided by the site supervisor and other qualified JBT FoodTech personnel.

Processor Benefits

  • Enables the most process and container sizes flexibility in the industry
  • Ability to process a wide variety of products and container types
  • Minimizes containers damage and machine down time
  • Reduced maintenance costs and improved equipment reliability and longevity
  • Improved labor and utility savings, precise processing and HACCP compliance, accurate record keeping and reduced water usage
  • Reduced cook time while maintaining product safety. Advanced numerical modeling for deviation correction.
  • Minimizes floor space usage
  • Reduced replacement costs and faster replacement

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