The Aseptic Flash Cooler JBT FranRica keeps almost unchanged the physical features of the product, preserving the natural colour and flavour by minimizing "cooked or burnt" flavour. The instantaneous heating and cooling make a light evaporation and maintain paste consistency.

Extremely simple operation, no piston pumps or components subject to wear. The plant can run for extended periods without requiring maintenance or shut-down for washing and sanitization.Furthermore, a complete set of instruments provides for the automatic control of the process while only one operator can run several machines.

The Flash Cooler modular design facilitates shipment and assembling on site. Limited floor space requirement, it is usually installed outdoors. The unit is engineered paying great attention to energy saving. The standard machine, equipped with barometric condenser, minimizes power consumption during extended and non-stop high-capacity processing cycles.


  • Cooling Tower Water Pump: two pumps to recirculate the water to cool the system.
  • Cleaning-in-Place System: pumps, piping and software.
  • Steam piping for heater tank:to maintain overpressure in the tank and keep the oxygen outside in order to prevent bacteria growth and contamination.

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