Stein ProMix® Features

Stein ProMix® Key Operating Features:

Stein ProMIX™ Automatic Batter Mixer and Viscosity Control

  • High-speed stainless steel mixer
  • Electronic viscosity control monitors and maintains batter thickness to +/- 1% from set point
  • Continuous batter recirculation for viscosity control
  • Electronic level sensor monitors batter level in mixing tank and dry mix in hopper during production
  • Single stainless steel pump improves viscosity measurement and batter transfer to applicator
  • Chain, sprocket and belt drives are eliminated
  • All bearings are sealed and are of stainless steel construction
  • PLC Controls with color touch screen
  • Open frame design eliminates areas for batter build-up
  • Stainless steel bearings are on welded stand-offs

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