Stein FA Series Key Operating Features and Benefits

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  • Oil Level switch prevents operation at low oil levels
  • Sediment trap and oil circulation pump are mounted on the fryer for continuous filtration
  • Main and top submerger conveyor adjustments allow handling of a wide range of breaded, batter-fry, and tempura coated products
  • Variable speed conveyor provides a wide range of frying times
  • Insulated hood provides increased operating efficiency and safety

Processor Benefits:

  • Direct Heat provides instantaneous heat response for enhanced product quality
  • All stainless steel and rugged construction increases UpTime™ and profitability
  • Integrated oil storage and filtration simplifies operation and provides cost effective frying
  • Duplicates operating characteristics of larger production sized fryers for new product development and process optimization
  • Easy access for sanitation and maintenance increases UpTime™ and reduces food safety issues

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