Tomato Steam Peeler

JBT Tomato Steam Peeler (Model SP-30) deliver efficient steam peeling of all tomato varieties at 25-30 tons per hour. An optional pre-heater raises that capacity up to 35 tons per hour.

JBT Tomato Steam Peeler | Model SP-30

The steam-vacuum chamber consists of feed valve, pressure vessel, and discharge valve. The feed valve transfers the product into the pressurized steam chamber. It is in this chamber that the heat is transferred to the product.

The product is conveyed through the chamber by means of an auger in a drum. Saturated steam is introduced (at 0 to 30 psi) to the product, which is exposed from 18 to 30 seconds. In the discharge valve the product is exposed to 20"-25" of vacuum. This vacuum flashes the moisture beneath the skin causing separation of skin and product (peeling).

  • Provide fully peeled and de-stemmed tomatoes
  • Enable recovery of pectinous material, skins and juices for high Bostwick paste and sauce products
  • Recover 95+% of incoming tomatoes as whole peeled or valuable tomato by-products
  • Peel up to 30 tons per hour

Product Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Environmentally safe, efficient operation
  • Easy process time and retention adjustments
  • HTST ultra efficient hot break conditions ensure inactivation of degradative enzymes

Processor Benefits

  • Rugged design and easy maintenance
  • Significantly reduced water and energy usage
  • Vacuum driven super-heated steam flash loosens the skin
  • Allows maximum by-product recovery potential
  • Handles all variety and maturity options simply
  • Provides high viscosity and excellent color retention of the collected by-products for use as paste and sauce

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