Northfield LSTĀ® Structure Supported Spiral Freezer (Large Spiral Technology)

The Northfield LST is the largest industrial spiral freezer on the market today, offering reliability and economy for large volume processors.

Each LST® freezer is custom engineered to accept very heavy belt loads. The structure design and material selection result in lower maintenance requirements, longer component life and reduced downtime. Heavy duty roller chain and economical gearbox selection powers the drive cage. Large section top beams, base beams, uprights and heavy-duty tier supports provide the necessary strength for large-scale freezing.

Field studies comparing Northfield LST® spiral systems to conventional spiral designs invariably show the LST® spiral construction to be dramatically stronger in high-stress areas. The largest spiral freezers in the world today are Northfield LST® freezers.

• Production lines carrying over 36,000 lbs./ 16,300 kg per hour

• Weights up to 40 lbs. per foot / 60 kg per linear meter of belt

• Belt speeds in excess of 150 ft. / 46 meters per minute

• Belt widths up to 60 inches / 1524 mm

• Belt lengths up to 6,000 ft. / 1,800 meters in a single spiral

• Temperatures down to -60 °F / -50 °C

• Multiple cages, multiple belts

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