Pilot Sterilizers

Because sterilization is highly complex, and times can greatly vary depending on the application or even the recipe, JBT FoodTech has developed a series of pilot sterilizers, capable of simulating hydrostatic, static batch, agitating batch, rotary atmospheric and rotary pressure sterilizers. In connection with NumeriCALâ„¢ offline, JBT FoodTech enables to simulate, test and develop many new recipes and temperature profiles.

Multi-Purpose Laboratory Sterilizer

Our Multi-Purpose laboratory sterilizer can simulate most of today's sterilizers including continuous rotary sterilizers.

For more information on the Multi-Purpose Sterilizer click here.

Steritort Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer

This laboratory sterilizer has been designed to simulate continuous rotary sterilizers and hydrostats.

For more information on the Steritort click here.

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