A Complete, Self-Contained 3-Stage Pulp Wash System Mounted on a Skid for the Recovery of Secondary Solids from Citrus Juice Processing


Simplified Design and Installation

The recovery of secondary solids from citrus pulp is one of the most straightforward methods to increase total solids recovery by up to 10%. Up to now, installation of a four stage pulp wash system has been an expensive endeavor requiring customized design and extensive on-site installation time. As part of JBT FoodTech's READYGo™ family of skid-mounted citrus processing systems, READYGo™ PULPWASH simplifies installation and operation of a complete four stage secondary solids recovery process.

Intuitive Operation

The skid utilizes the latest automation and color graphical user interface technology to create a simple-to-operate process system. Operation and cleaning of the unit are accomplished via a large color touch screen mounted on the electrical panel. The intuitive graphical interface allows an operator to start, stop, clean and monitor the system with minimal training required. 

Integrated Cleaning

Cleaning the system is easy. The integrated CIP system only requires delivery of hot 2% caustic to the feed tank mounted on the skid and a single button push starts the cleaning sequence. The CIP sequence only takes about 20 minutes with little or no manual intervention.


  • Complete, self-contained, pulp wash system
  • Automatic CIP and spray system included 
  • Sophisticated automation system  
  • Large color graphical touch screen 
  • Ethernet network connectivity 
  • Simple utility requirements: Air, water, caustic and 480V electrical service 
  • Self contained electrical starters and VSD’s 
  • Small footprint in the plant 
  • Minimal assembly and installation required 
  • Includes remote, 1st stage pump to transfer pulp from the primary finishers to the skid 
  • Shipping container ready, for installation anywhere on the globe


  • Significantly less cost than a traditional 3 or 4-stage finisher system 
  • Small footprint and straightforward utility requirements reduce the cost of installation 
  • Return on investment can be extremely high 
  • Existing juice room operators can operate and clean the system; no additional labor cost required 
  • Gentler separation and reduced residence time could significantly reduce pectins in the pulp wash liquor improving evaporation efficiency

Capacity and Performance

  • Equivalent to approximately 14 Model 391 extractors running at 100 RPM 
  • Pulpwash efficiency of approximately 88% - 90%
  • Can provide an additional 7% solids yield (5% pulp content in fruit, 85% system efficiency)

Customer Requirements

The following items are not included in the skid price, but can be quoted separately if desired:

  • Chutes, diverters and piping required to deliver pulp to the first stage pump 
  • Water and caustic piping to the unit from customer source 
  • Installation of proper electrical service up to the skid-mounted panel 
  • Chutes required to discharge the spent pulp from the finisher to the customer waste system 

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