Whether you are looking to for help in the recovery of essential oils or removal of residual d-LIMONENE from your wastewater, JBT can help.


Helping you recover profits going down the drain

The READYGo™ d-LIMONENE system can help processing your needs in a number of places, such as:

  • As a cost-effective method to recover d-LIMONENE for processors who are not prepared to make the significant investment required for a cold-pressed oil recovery system.
  • As a supplement for existing cold-pressed systems, eliminating the need to invest in a costly expansion.
  • To remove residual d-LIMONENE remaining in the discharge of cold-pressed oil systems and other waste streams, thus providing assistance to your waste treatment or disposal systems.

With a READYGo™ d-LIMONENE system, no longer do you have watch potential earnings go down the drain.


  • Compact, skid-mounted design.
  • High recovery rate.
  • Low operating cost and efficient steam usage.
  • Integrated automatic controls, including on-board PLC.
  • Automated cleanup for minimal downtime.

Specifications & Utility Requirements

Electrical Supply 50Hz-3P-380V 60A  60Hz-3P-480V 60A 
Motor Power 14 kW  18 HP
Air Flow 3.5 Nm3/hour  6 SCFM
Air Pressure 6 bar  85 psi
Steam Flow 950 - 2,600 kg/hr  2,100 - 5,700 lbs/hr
Steam Pressure 10 - 12.5 bar 150 - 180 psi
Feed Flow Rate 9 - 22 m3/hr 40 - 100 gpm
Feed d-Limonene Concentration 0.1 - 5%
Cooling Water Flow Rate (on-skid) 20 - 50 m3/hr 90 - 220 gpm
Max Cooling Water Temperature 27° C 80° F
CIP Solution Requirements 750 l / cycle 200 gal / cycle
Connectivity Internet Accessible for Support
Shipping Size One 40' hi-cube container

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