Working principle

In the JBT C8-A Unit, apples are conveyed to the machine feeding station where they are shuffle-fed, eight across, and carried into a caustic applicator. The fruit remains in the caustic solution for a predetermined time, which can be changed by the user. The holding period, density, and temperature of the solution are set according to the required peeling conditions. Emerging from the solution, the fruit is then transferred to an elevator on which it is carried into a high pressure steam valve. This activates the caustic solution on the surface of the apple, thus loosening the peel.

The holding period and steam pressure in the valve are variable, depending on the condition of the fruit. Upon completion of this steam exposure cycle, the fruit is discharged into a Rotary RubberCord Washer that removes the loosened skins from the fruit. The washer employs an internal spiral which moves the fruit gently through the drum as it rotates. Following the wash cycle, apples are either flumed or belt conveyed to the aligning section of the coring unit.

The apples are fed, eight across, onto a flight conveyor. Each flight is made of stainless steel and incorporates eight cups, each with a central opening. An aligning wheel protrudes through each opening, rotating the fruit to place it in a stem-down or a blossom end-down position ready for coring. The position of the fruit is further assisted by vibrations applied to the flights. Two operators, one on each side of the aligning conveyor, are sufficient to orient any fruits not properly positioned.

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