UCF-210A Citrus Finisher

The JBT FoodTech UCF210A Finisher has capabilities for a full range of citrus processing, including juice finishing (separating juice from pulp), oil finishing (separating frit from the oil water emulsion), recovery of soluble solids (pulp wash) and classifying applications.

UCF-210A Citrus Finisher

Reduced Downtime
The unique pneumatically-actuated dual spray ring system permits rapid and thorough cleaning of the screens without the time-consuming job of screen removal. In-place screen cleaning saves processors labor costs and time resulting in enhanced production capacity.

Maximum Sanitation
The UCF-210A Finisher, equipped with spray rings for in-place screen cleaning, is fabricated entirely from stainless steel to eliminate sanitation issues associated with porous casting designs. Improved sanitation results in better product quality and reduced clean-up cost.

Reduced Floor Space
The UCF-210A Finisher features high-capacity performance, handling up to 100 gallons of juice per minute. The drive section of the UCF-210A Finisher, including a 25 HP motor, mounts underneath the machine structure to save floor space and protect it from the environment. The high-capacity design results in the most efficient energy utilization available.

Flexible Finishing Pressure
The UCF-210A Finisher features an air-controlled plug valve discharge design which allows processors to maintain consistent pulp discharge dryness, regardless of product inflow variations. The unique plug valve discharge design offers a degree of reliability, flexibility and control not found in any other finisher.

Easy Access to Valves and Gauges
The control valve and gauges are mounted on the discharge end of the UCF-210A Finisher allowing easy viewing, access, and operation.

Designed with the Citrus Processor in Mind

 A key objective of JBT FoodTech is to be responsive to citrus processing production needs. the UCF-210A Finisher is designed to increase production efficiency and ensure that our customers' products are of the highest quality in the industry. From the motor drive to the easily accessible intake chute, JBT FoodTech has kept the UCF-210A, reliable, easy to clean, and easy to operate. 

JBT FoodTech Finisher Process Controls Improve Efficiency and Produce Consistently Higher Yields 
JBT FoodTech offers two optional automated finisher process control packages designed to provide processors with the maximum yield at the lowest cost automatically. The options are not priced as part of the finisher price.

Automated Screen Cleaning:
The Automatic Spray Ring (ASR) automates the process of screen cleaning. This option allows for uniform and consistent screen cleaning without the need for human intervention.

Finisher Process Controls:
The second optional package allows processors to automatically control both the quick fiber setting and screen cleaning. Operating this system couldn't be easier - just set the computer through a self-prompting menu and the control system takes over. A single operator can ensure smooth and consistent finisher operation.

How Process Controls Improve Both Production and the Processor's Bottom Line...

The JBT FoodTech juice finisher separates pulpy juice stream coming from the JBT FoodTech extractors into two distinct sub-streams: juice and pulp. The vital finishing stage maximizes both juice quality and yield. The technology found in the UCF-210A finisher process controls package ensures consistent quality and yield. The quick fiber value test procedure measures the relative dryness of the finisher discharge. Typically, the tighter or lower the quick fiber value is, the higher the relative juice yield is because less juice is lost with the pulp. Air pressure to the pulp discharge valve regulates the quick fiber value, however, air pressure is but one variable determining quick fiber value. The second variable is the juice flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM). The quick fiber value varies proportionally with the juice flow to the finisher.

Although dry finisher discharge is desired to maximize juice yields, excessive pressure or lack of flow can lead to extrusion of pulp through the finisher screen holes into the juice stream, excessive heating of the pulp, burning of finisher screens, and/or gelation.

The JBT FoodTech finisher process controls regulate both the air pressure and juice flow automatically, controlling the process to improve efficiency and produce consistent results.

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