Today milk is used in many milk-based products. Dairy factories can process milk in a variety of products such as whole milk, skim milk, cream, buttermilk, milk powder, condensed milk, evaporated milk, cheese, infant formula, butter, yogurt and many more.


Milk is a colloid of fat globules within a water-based fluid. The fluid portion contains casein. Humans are the only animals who drink milk past infancy. Therefore most humans loose the ability to digest milk after childhood and become lactose intolerant.

Eggs are sometimes categorized as dairy when dairy is used in its more general form meaning "food that is produced by animals other than meat".

Because some cultures prefer milk to be white, particular care must be taken during it's sterilization or pasteurization so as not to deter the color. JBT FoodTech has a long experience in helping milk processors to devise accurate temperature profiles to process their milk without altering its quality.

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