Stein TwinDrum 600 Spiral Oven

The Stein TwinDrum™ 600 Spiral Oven has been designed to provide a compact, versatile and cost-efficient two-zone cooking system for a wide range of cooking applications. The oven combines proven technology from across the JBT range, including Double D's unique airflow technology, Stein's cooking experience and Frigoscandia's renowned engineering excellence.

Formcook® Combi Cooker

The oven is flexible enough to cook all forms of breaded products. It can also steam-cook and provide a pre-frying or pre-cooking stage. The oven's high temperature capability ensures excellent results on roasted boneless and bone-in chicken.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Heat and humidity controlled separately in each zone
  • Airflow technology with superior heat transfer rate and uniformity
  • Excellent color consistency right across the belt
  • Uniform airflow across all tiers guarantees high product yield
  • Fan positioned at floor level for easy access and cleaning
  • Automatic cleaning with recirculating cleaning system

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