More than 50% of the world’s canned food is sterilized in JBT FoodTech equipment. Since 1921 when it first introduced the Continuous Pressure Cooker and Cooler, JBT FoodTech has not only led, but set the standard in the food sterilization industry. Over 8,000 units of this breakthrough technology have been installed worldwide, and it has gone on to achieve landmark status from both the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE).


Today, in addition to the Continuous Rotary Sterilizer, a new generation of JBT FoodTech sterilization equipment is matching food processor’s needs for higher productivity, reliability, sanitation, flexibility and safety.  From its locations in Madera, California and Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, JBT FoodTech manufactures the industry’s widest variety of in-container sterilization systems ranging from small lab units to high capacity systems capable of handling glass, metal, paperboard, plastic containers and pouches.

The JBT FoodTech LOG-TEC® Process Management System controls every aspect of the sterilization process and generates records to meet both FDA and USDA requirements.  LOG-TEC is complemented by our family of NumeriCAL™ thermal process modeling software.

Unique among sterilizer manufactures, JBT FoodTech has Thermal Process Laboratories and Pilot Plants in Madera and Sint-Niklaas that provide a broad range of value-added services such as thermal process design and validation, temperature distribution studies and heat penetration measurements.  JBT FoodTech is also a recognized USDA and FDA process authority.

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