JBT BottleTec™

The JBT BottleTec™ (Extrusion Blow-Molder) produces bottles in every possible shape. The moulds are easily changed to accommodate a different container design. Innovative bottle designs can make your product stand out and lead to a stronger brand position

JBT BottleTec | Extrusion Blow-MolderThe JBT BottleTec (Extrusion Blow-Molder) equipment produces lightweight HDPE bottles, which are available both in open, non-sterile and in closed, internally sterile versions and can produce bottles ranging in size from 0.2 to 3.0 litres. The centrepiece of the BottleTec is the carrousel, which contains the bottle moulds. Depending on the capacity required it is possible fit between 4 to 14 moulds per carousel. The BottleTec can be converted to different bottle sizes in a minimal amount of time.

The JBT BottleTec is designed to produce mono or multi-layer bottles with oxygen and UV blocking layers to protect the product from external influences. The equipment will in these cases be supplied with extra extruders so that 3-layer bottles (light barrier) or 6-layer bottles (light and oxygen barrier) are produced in a co-extrusion process. Capacity: up to 7500 bottles per hour.

JBT BottleTec | Blow-Molder

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