DSI J-Scan™ Product Attribute Processor

DSI has created a stand-alone, high-performance product scanner based upon industry-proven DSI Portioning System hardware and software.

The J-Scan System can:

  • Set slicer blade position for Adaptive 3D Portioning
  • Scan and sort product upstream or downstream of DSI Portioning Systems according to economically important parameters such as yield or throughput
  • Continuously adjust sort criteria to optimize parameters while matching product mix requirements, portioner capacity, and incoming product variation
  • Document your product quality level and process capability at statistically significant volumes
  • Store statistical process control data and show trends

The system fully integrates with other DSI equipment such as Portioners, slicers, and statistical process control systems, delivering unmatched functionality.


  • Adaptive 3D Portioning
  • Intelligent slicing
  • 100% inspection and sorting 
  • QA labor replacement
  • Research

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